If you think about some of the reasons why you have clutter and disorder in the office (or at home), chances are one of the main reasons is time.

There’s just never enough time. What we can all understand is that there is never going to be more than 24 hours in a day; we can’t create more time. What we can do, however, is to be smarter about how we use our time. Once you get a logical system in place for managing your time, you’ll find you are more organized and less stressed.

These three key points can help you master time management making your workplace and employees or colleagues happier and more efficient: Say No, Delegate and Do Differently!

Say No:

  • If your immediate response is to always say “yes”, try to get in the habit of saying, “let me check my schedule and get back to you.” This delayed time may be all you need to think it through and feel less pressure to accept every request.
  • Don’t fool yourself into believing you will “get to it later.” Look at low priority tasks, and eliminate them. We only retrieve 20% of what we file.


  • Determine what your interests and passions are, and what only you can do. Put all other tasks up for review.
  • If you have trouble delegating because you are a control oriented individual, take the time to learn to let go.  Don’t use up your time on administrative tasks that anyone can do.

Do Differently: 

  • Work on the right things.  Don’t spend time on low priority items that do not impact your productivity.
  • Use email wisely.  Learn how to use the filters, folders and search functions in your email.  Separate urgent and non-urgent items.
  • Be less of a perfectionist.  Decide where perfection is necessary and where just completion is sufficient.
  • Allow time for maintenance.  Dedicate 15 minutes a day to look ahead and see what tasks await you tomorrow.

Our process at CTC Productivity is to help identify your issues by evaluating your workflow, time management techniques and interactions with others. Then we lay out an action plan to reach your goals. We are non-judgmental, highly professional and keep all information confidential. We follow a strict code of ethics and never make judgments based on a messy desk!

–Can the Clutter/ CTC Productivity: Home and office organizing in Eugene/Springfield, OR and Minneapolis/St Paul MN

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