February is all about Time Management here at CTC Productivity.  Your New Years resolutions are either well on their way, or in need of a little motivation.  If your list this year includes being more organized and productive,  here are some quick Time Management tips and apps that will help get you back on track to reaching those goals.  

6 Top Time Management Tips and Apps

1.  Block out distractions.  This comes up again and again in just about every conversation I have about time management and productivity in general.  Unless Facebook and social media are a critical part of how you generate your business, don’t make them a part of your business day.  They are time suckers.  

2.  Schedule appointments with yourself.  Don’t just fill your calendar with meetings. Schedule time to develop your high-priority thoughts, plan important conversations and prioritize actions.  Treat these appointments like any others on your calendar, and keep them!

3.  Plan your day before jumping in head first.  Take the first 20 or 30 minutes of your day to come up with a specific plan for your time.  Don’t start any meetings or projects until your plan is complete.  If this means waking up 30 minutes earlier, then…wake up 30 minutes earlier!  It will save you time in the long run.  

4.  RescueTime.  This app runs in the background on your computer or mobile device.  It tracks the time you spend on various applications and websites, and then gives you detailed reports based on your activity.  

5.  Remember The Milk.  Is your problem with time management that objectives get lost in the never-ending to-do list?  This app helps you save time by allowing you to manage and share your tasks from anywhere.  It’s the superhero of to-do lists.  

6.  Take a Time Management class.  Maybe you struggle with managing your time because you never learned how to do it in the first place.  There’s no shame it that!  It doesn’t come naturally to most people, yet we are all expected to be experts of managing our busy schedules, projects and events.  

CTC Productivity offers convenient, affordable and effective time management tele-classes. Call in from the comfort of your own home or office to learn how to get more done and be more satisfied in your job.  In this one hour class, I will help you understand why a disorganized state may be the culprit to your constant time shortage.  We’ll talk about how you can create more disciplined and organized systems and processes, so you can get more done in less time.    

Now is the time to focus on your time management goals.  After all, February is a short month.  Get the most of it!

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