Jan has provided us with practical, valuable advice. Working with CTC Productivity has increased my firm's overall efficiency by at least 30%. Money and time well spent!
Douglas Brown, Brown & Carlson
Our team walked away with many action items to save us time: more efficient use of emails, more effective meetings, and increased focus time through time management best practices.
Wendi Breuer, SeaChange
During a CEO peer group session, a member told us how just one tip Jan suggested could positively impact the way his entire company operated.  He said, "That right there is a multi-million dollar idea."
Tom McDougall, High Point Networks
Jan is great at listening, sorting out the problems and providing practical advice with follow-up steps. I found her coaching to be a great way to boost my personal effectiveness and that of our team.
Jim Schowalter, MN Council of Health Plans
Jan has a talent for quickly identifying strengths, weaknesses and realistic areas for improvement.
Michael Opack, Heacox, Hartman, Koshmrl, Cosgriff, & Johnson P.A.

Custom Made Talks Just For You

All of Jan Lehman’s in-person talks and virtual experiences are customized to meet the needs of your event and exceed the expectations of your audience. But there is a common theme: Jan helps corporate leaders eliminate waste in their organizations so they can become truly effective leaders.  

A blend of psychology and technology, Jan’s approach to workplace productivity extends beyond just simple hacks or a one size fits all solution.  

Whether you want an inspirational keynote at your annual conference, a 40-minute webinar for your managers, or a 2-hour productivity strategy session for your executive team, you’ll get an exciting blend of interactive lessons and immediately usable strategies to Work smart and Do more


Speaking Testimonial

“Jan did a phenomenal job with our team. She invested time up-front to design content that was relevant and timely for us, and was engaging during the presentation. She allowed time for interaction. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Would definitely recommend her if you or your team has a productivity gap, or just wants to better understand how to maximize the technology already available to you.”

— Matthew Piechocki; Regional Director, Managed Markets at Eli Lilly and Company

Signature Keynotes 

Create a Culture of Productivity, Starting at the Top – (Time & Task Management for Leaders) 

As a leader, you have the opportunity and responsibility to encourage and enforce productivity throughout your organization. But it must start with you.  

Create a culture of productivity that eliminates unnecessary interruptions, emails, and non-essential work.  Get everyone focused on their most important priorities and stop the highly reactionary behavior that has become the norm in business today.  Since productivity and employee engagement are tightly linked this is a win-win for the organization and your employees.


Take Control of Your Inbox, Don’t Let It Control You! 

CTC Productivity’s exclusive email presentation will give you the tools to learn how you can take control of your inbox, eliminate unnecessary interruptions and stay focused on your top priorities.  Stop the highly reactionary behavior that has become the norm today.   

The presentation is highly interactive. Jan facilitates a conversation with the audience to share best practices and build in accountability to ensure participants have a clear list of action items when they leave.


Maintaining Productivity in a Hybrid Workplace 

The world is changing and so should our approach to leading our teams.  We all need to maintain (or regain) productivity despite ever-shifting requirements and circumstances.  Leaders play a critical role in providing and supporting the proper environment for their employees to be productive and engaged.  

Jan will explore proven and emerging best practices in maintaining personal and team productivity in changing work environments: how to maintain team engagement, maximize productivity by maximizing the time, talent and technology within your organization.


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