Business Consulting

Our Mission

At CTC Productivity, our mission is to help individuals and organizations understand their organizational challenges and provide self-sustaining solutions that improve productivity and reduce stress.

We provide a holistic approach to helping our clients at home as well as work. We find that many of our clients are stressed out before they even get to work!

Our Approach

We provide insight, guidance and accountability to help you achieve peak performance.

We do this by helping you maximize your
3 most valuable resources: Time, Talent, Technology

Presentation Handout
We figure out what is going on, what is
not working or could be working better.

We provide advice/suggestions
on changes to be made.

We follow up on the action items
to ensure the changes become habit.

Our experience ranges from working with small businesses to Fortune 100 executives.  Regardless of the size or structure of your business, we can help in many different areas of your work.


We recently helped the managing partner of a large law firm significantly increase his billable hours. He is now billing 2.5 additional hours every day. The best part is he has sustained it for over two years.

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