Productivity Resources

At CTC Productivity, we focus on helping our clients make the most of their TimeTalent, and Technology. On this page, we’ll highlight some of our favorite productivity resources. All items have been used and approved by either a client or one of our team members.

Writing, Typing, and Spelling Tips / Productivity

Boomerang for Gmail: Scheduled sending and Email Reminders

Grammarly: Free Writing Assistant

Typing Club: Learn Touch Typing Free

General Productivity

Loom: Create and Share Videos Instantly

IFTTT: Help Your Devices and Apps Work Together

Snipping Tool: Quick and Easy Screenshots, Highlighting, and Notes

Cell Phone Tips / Productivity

Blocking Mode / Do Not Disturb – whether you have an Android or an iPhone, you can make sure of a feature to help block out unwanted call during your focused time.

Favorite Books on Productivity

The 1 Minute Manager Meets the Monkey

Focus Time Signage

Instructions for fillable pages

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