Join Jan as she discusses how to crank out high quality work in her podcast with WeMentor, Inc. owner Nancy Meyer.

One of the ways you can crank out high quality work is not only knowing when you are ‘on.’ Also taking steps to protect that time with clear priorities to complete during that time. Jan has seen huge advancements in clients by implementing some standard tips along with tailored steps she has learned with such a variety of roles in her client base.

You can get ideas of ways to gain expertise and support. Having visible positions in organizations like National Association for Productivity Organization and marketing chair for NAPO national has expanded her reach. She continues to grow in her expertise by connecting with productivity consultants from around the world.

What has been her approach in building up a client base quickly since moving to Minnesota 5 years ago? What does she think about earning all the money you need for the week in one day?

In conclusion, like everything else, great advice and tips don’t work unless you make the changes necessary to implement them. If you can’t implement them on your own, get help. You know how to reach Jan and myself. Get out of the weeds.



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