It’s no surprise that paper is a thing of the past. Not only is it distracting but it also hurts the environment – there I said it! The world is moving towards a completely electronic era, and I don’t plan on missing it. Our cars can drive themselves, we can unlock our front doors from virtually anywhere in the world, and we all have a personal assistant through Siri or Alexa. But moving toward a paper-free era can be scary for those who have been relying on paper for years. Everyone wants a hard paper copy, but even the government feels the pull to a paper-free workplace. In 2016, Medicare required that all healthcare files be electronic – that’s huge! So today, I am sharing with you three ways paper is weighing you down in the workplace.

Creates Clutter

Using paper is just another thing to add to the clutter. Look around you right now, how many piles of paper are on your desk? How many sticky notes are stuck around your office? Now, think about how great it would be to come into a clean office every morning! By having paper notepads and paper documents laying around you are creating clutter which in turn is creating more work for you!

Clear off the clutter and ditch the paper! I know it can be scary to think of where your documents might go in the wide world of the web, but trust me, there are ways to protect your privacy and your notes! We have come along way with technology and with the proper software and measures everything can be protected.

Wastes Time

How much time a week do you spend searching for a file, a sticky note, or a piece of paper? Anything more than 3 seconds is a waste of your precious time! Using paper for writing your notes and reminders is not productive. Over time, hours are accumulated while you are looking through papers. That time could have been spent preparing for your big presentation or closing a deal!

Not a Good Traveler

Next, if you travel for business, it is imperative that you kiss paper goodbye! You can’t take every piece of paper with you. Here are a few reasons why paper is not a good traveler:
1. It takes up space.
2. You can forget it anywhere, losing valuable information.
3. Breach of Privacy! Taking personal information out of the office via paper makes it ten times more likely to get lost or stolen.

The Solution

Say adios to paper. The stacks of paper piling on your desk are just holding you down, wasting your time, and in turn, making you unproductive. Kick paper to the curb and embrace the new world of amazing technology that we have! There are great programs like Trello, Airtable, and even GoogleDrive that can replace your paper and pencil if you let it. These programs allow all of your documents to be with you 24/7, isn’t that amazing?!

If you are nervous to use “the cloud” or to trust technology let me help you. I will guide you through the interwebs and make sure that you are a lean, mean non-paper using machine, and I will help you strategize to be productive. There’s no need to navigate this alone when you have someone you has been there, done that and can easily show you the ropes – trust me. Contact me today and let’s get you on your way to productivity without paper!

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