Jan was recently featured in the Business Journal feature “Executives fear remote work will fuel the turnover tsunami.”

Here is a link to the article, however, if you don’t have a subscription we’ve supplied a snippet of Jan’s key points below.

That echoes best practices from workplace consultants who say hybrid employers need to be intentional about forging connections with employees in this environment where turnover is a real — and increasingly costly — threat. Previous studies by the Society for Human Resource Management have shown the total cost of turnover in a $60,000 position could total $30,000 or more.

While C-suite executives are extremely concerned about employees feeling disconnected in a hybrid world, experts say the solutions also start with them.

Jan Lehman, founder of CTC Productivity, told The Playbook the mentality of leadership is critical to the success of a hybrid or remote workplace.

Lehman said she’s seeing more companies take a proactive approach to building community and engagement, whether by scheduling lunches or connect days when everyone is in the office to collaborate — trying to recreate the magic of water cooler talks and other spontaneous interactions.

“Companies are doing that to build that community — that sense of culture — and to build those relationships,” she said.

Another key component of building engagement and culture? Trust.

“I think hybrid work has just heightened the importance of trust in a work environment,” Lehman said. It’s one of several best practices Lehman and other executives recommend to make a hybrid workplace successful.


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