Is your company hitting efficiency roadblocks?   

Maybe your team has grown and the systems you once used are no longer built for a larger team. Perhaps your process has changed and your technology can’t keep up. Or maybe you’ve decided to adopt a hybrid or fully remote working environment and you need new tools to support your team.   

Whatever your struggle, you’re not alone. We see situations like these every single day. And we can help! 

 Let us introduce you to the powerful tool that we recommend our clients use and the consulting service we built around it to help you maximize your productivity and minimize your headaches.

What Is Microsoft 365 & Why Do Companies Need It? 

Microsoft 365 is the latest version of the Microsoft suite of products. It consists of a large collection of apps to support the modern workplace, including powerful solutions for fully remote and hybrid work teams. Microsoft 365 helps users stay productive and organized across a wide range of devices and platforms.   

Does your company struggle with any of these issues?: 

  • Communication 
  • Collaboration 
  • Planning 
  • Task Management 
  • Prioritization 
  • Accountability 
  • Organization 
  • Meetings 
  • All of the above 

If so, Microsoft 365 is a solution you should consider exploring. Your company may have even purchased Microsoft 365 licenses already, but you may not be using the full power of the suite.  

Microsoft 365 is subscription-based and includes popular applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, but it also includes a wide range of other productivity tools.  

Some such tools are:  

  • Bookings to streamline scheduling with people outside your organization 
  • SharePoint for manipulating large amounts of data and building dashboards 
  • Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration beyond video conferencing 
  • And Microsoft OneNote to organize information for team productivity 
  • (Plus LOTS more!) 

 Here Are the Apps Available with Microsoft 365 (depending on your license): 

The ultimate goal with leveraging Microsoft 365 is to move your company away from using email for internal communication and collaboration, and start using apps specifically designed for each function (i.e. Task Management, Accountability, etc.)  

That’s where we come in.  

We help you:  

  • Assess your company’s pain points 
  • Build a roadmap for how best to leverage Microsoft 365 for your unique needs 
  • Help you to migrate from your old technology to the new environment 
  • Simplify your processes 
  • Assist in training your team members to eliminate roadblocks and ensure full adoption 
  • Build excitement among your team members about the change 

So let’s break down our process for you… 

What Can You Expect from Our Microsoft 365 Consulting Service? 

After many years of assisting companies with leveraging Microsoft 365 to build powerful productivity practices, we have refined our consulting service to ensure maximum efficiency and success for each of our clients.   

The CTC Productivity process is a DIWY (Do It With You) model. We work alongside our clients to assist them in resolving their business’ pain points and help them to build a system that works for their teams. Our goal is to ensure that they have the proper knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to continue receiving the maximum benefits from Microsoft 365 long-term.  

Our step-by-step process guides our clients through a comprehensive rollout of Microsoft 365 and ensures that the foundation is set up properly from the start. This helps to reduce the number of headaches that can accompany adopting new technologies and systems.   

CTC Productivity’s proven process includes four important phases – Assess, Migrate, Optimize, and Wrap Up. We’ve broken down the general steps of the phases here so you know what to expect.  


The first step in our Microsoft 365 Consulting process is to assess your company’s current situation or, as we like to call it, “take a peek under the hood.” This crucial step allows us to gain a thorough understanding of the complexities of your current technical environment. We use this information to build the proper migration roadmap for your organization prior to moving on to the next phase.  


Phase two of our process involves the migration of your data and email to the new platform. We also use this time to shore up your infrastructure to provide proper security and compliance.   


Once your Microsoft 365 foundation is set, we can explore additional opportunities to take full advantage of the power of this tool for your organization. In this phase, we optimize the business applications to streamline workflow and increase productivity. (This can be done in the form of coaching, business process review, and/or an app overview.)  


During the Wrap Up phase, our goal is to hand your new system back over to your team with confidence. To do that, we need to ensure you have personnel in place that are properly trained to successfully use, own, and manage the system long-term. 


Our Goal Is Your Success 

During each phase of the Microsoft 365 Consulting process, we focus on three important areas that drive your project’s success: 

  • Training 
  • Rules of Engagement 
  • Adoption 


We offer a variety of different training strategies to help ensure full adoption of your new Microsoft 365 system: 

  • Group training for end-users 
  • 1:1 training 
  • Microsoft 365 expert training


We help you create your Rules of Engagement for using Microsoft 365 within your organization.   

You might be wondering, what are the Rules of Engagement, why are they important, and how do we create them? We’re glad you asked!  

Think of the Rules of Engagement as your game plan (or operations manual) for how your company plans to leverage the Microsoft 365 tools long-term.  

Microsoft 365 has many options for how you can configure a solution.  From a productivity standpoint, the Rules of Engagement help you standardize your company’s approach, which leads to less confusion and wasted time—everyone is clear on how the system is used. Having these rules in place also expedites the onboarding process for your new team members. 

In order to help you build out your Rules of Engagement, we start by sharing our recommendations on the various ways the tools and features can be used. After reviewing the options, you and your team will decide what is best for your company and make the final decision.   


We help ensure your team’s full adoption of this new way of working so you can enjoy all of the benefits that come with using Microsoft 365. 

We achieve this through our dedication to: 

  • Training your resources over the life of the project 
  • Building excitement about what’s to come—an important change management strategy
  • Providing clarity on how the suite of tools will be used by working with your team to create your company’s ideal Rules of Engagement 

Case Studies & Additional Resources 

Here are a few case studies to help you understand why you should consider Microsoft 365 and why it’s critical to have a partner to guide you through the process: 

 You can also view our past Microsoft 365 webinars to become more familiar with the Microsoft 365 environment and get to know some of our fabulous team members!  

If you’d like to be notified of our free upcoming webinars and receive other productivity tips and resources, sign up for our newsletter. We typically send 1-2 emails per month packed with helpful information.  

Next Steps 

CTC Productivity’s goal is to help companies run more efficiently by optimizing their time, talent, and technology. If you’re tired of inefficient communication, of tasks slipping through the cracks, or a lack of organization, Microsoft 365 Consulting could help you and your team eliminate waste and headaches in your daily processes.  

If you’re interested in more information about Microsoft 365 Consulting and how we may be able to help you streamline processes within your organization, we would love to chat with you.   

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your unique needs so we can help you leverage the power of Microsoft 365 for your company.  


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