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We recently interviewed our client Daisy Manjarrez, VP of Continuous Improvement at Richmond Baking.

Here’s what Daisy had to say about her challenge, the CTC solution, and the results:



I am the VP of Continuous Improvement at Richmond Baking. We had recently decided to adopt EOS® (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) in our organization and were looking at what tools would help us to best harness this new system. We decided that the best way for us to optimize EOS was not throwing more software at it, but instead making sure it integrated with the rest of our established tools. We didn’t want a platform that wasn’t connected to the rest of our operations, and we knew there had to be a better way.

We explored third-party software applications designed for EOS, but we realized we didn’t want another isolated platform to manage. We wanted a solution integrated into our daily workflow, making the adoption of EOS smoother. Since we already used Microsoft products for our daily operations, we decided to look into Microsoft SharePoint as the primary tool for this purpose.

My goals were to:

  • Have a smooth rollout and adoption of EOS
  • Keep all information connected to our daily workflow
  • Utilize SharePoint and leverage the integration within Microsoft 365


We decided to hire CTC Productivity to help us do this right. We were aware that CTC specializes in helping companies leverage Microsoft 365 to solve complex business issues, but when we discovered that they were able to build an EOS solution in SharePoint, we knew they were going to be the perfect fit!

Working closely with CTC, we planned the project in two phases.

  • Phase 1: Build a SharePoint solution to manage EOS
  • Phase 2: Integrate the EOS tool and workflow into the Microsoft Teams environment, creating an integrated portal

Our plan was to start by focusing on our Executive team during these initial phases and gradually extend the rollout to other departments once our leadership team was comfortable with the new way of working.

CTC built our EOS SharePoint solution and showed us how to properly set up a Microsoft Teams environment for our Executive team, and how to integrate the EOS SharePoint solution so everything we needed was in one place.

Throughout this journey, CTC helped us understand that our long-term strategy with Microsoft 365 was to move all internal communication and collaboration away from email to Teams, using different apps designed for specific functions, like task management. We could see that this was the future of how business would work and we loved the idea of being ahead of the curve.

Integrating the EOS workflow into the Teams environment involved learning how to use features like Channels for organizing discussions around specific topics, such as EOS, which drove efficiency in our organization.


CTC’s deep understanding of the EOS methodology was a significant time-saver. We didn’t need to explain everything in detail, which saved us a lot of time and energy. With many technology consultants, they need you to explain your exact requirements in detail so they can build the solution correctly. With CTC’s detailed understanding of the EOS methodology, we just had to tell them which parts of the EOS methodology we use (i.e. Level 10 meetings) and they knew exactly what to do.

We opted for the “EOS Pure” version, but we knew that CTC could customize the tool to match our specific business needs, a significant advantage over off-the-shelf solutions.

One of the key benefits of CTC’s approach was that they built the tool in our environment and fully trained our staff, ensuring we could maintain the tool ourselves for future changes.

SharePoint was initially unfamiliar to me, and the permissions aspect seemed clunky, however, after CTC provided training, it made perfect sense. I was then able to leverage SharePoint in other areas of the business as well.

Integrating the EOS tool into Teams made it more user-friendly and less overwhelming, particularly for non-technical team members. We were very satisfied with the product’s integration into Teams.

By learning how to use Teams correctly, we expanded our utilization to include other essential processes. This project highlighted the immense potential of SharePoint and Teams to streamline processes within our company.

An added bonus was that everything CTC built was accessible on any device because it was on the Microsoft 365 platform. CTC gave us a choice and we opted to create our task list in Microsoft Planner to take advantage of the integration between Planner and ToDo, another benefit of using Microsoft 365 and not another third-party application.

During the design and build phase, CTC’s team was always available, promptly responding to our questions and ensuring everything was done correctly. Their collaboration with our IT group was seamless, guaranteeing a smooth transition for future support.

Cost (for Executive Team):

  • EOS Tool: $9k
  • Teams Integrations: $4.5K
  • Ongoing Cost: $0


  • EOS Tool Development and Training: 1 month
  • Teams Integration and Training: 1 month


We couldn’t calculate the before and after time savings because EOS was new to us, but we firmly believe that a successful adoption of EOS requires the right tools and processes from the very beginning. Having experts guide us so it was done right the first time – priceless!

Getting proper training on how to leverage Microsoft 365 correctly and position our company for future growth – also priceless!


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