3 Ways To Juggle Your Sales Team and Meet Your Own Quota

It’s no surprise that having your own sales quota comes along with the Director or Manager title. We have to lead by example, right? But what happens when the sales reps reporting to you often take you away from making your own quota? Today, I’ll share with you three ways to juggle your sales team and meet your own quota.

Evaluate Your Time

Take a look at your time. Your time in a day, week, and month. I suggest tracking this for 2 – 3 months for the most accurate results. Ask yourself this:

  • Who takes up the most of my time?
  • How many breaks am I taking or not taking?
  • How much of my time is spent out of the office or away from my desk?

Now, take a look at your findings. For example, who is taking up most of your time? Your boss? An employee who reports to you? If it’s your boss, were those hours spent discussing meaningful business ideas? Do you have an employee under you who is just taking up too much of your time? Why? Perhaps they need more sales training or maybe it’s time to consider a transfer.

Taking too many breaks can intercept your workflow, while not taking any breaks won’t allow your brain to reboot in the middle of the day. Spending an unnecessary amount time out of the office is very distracting. If you’re constantly gone, it’s no wonder you aren’t meeting your quota!

Make A Schedule

Using the information you just gathered, make a weekly or daily schedule, if you’re feeling super productive! Block off time for your own quota. “Budget” in a few hours of uninterrupted time to do your research or make your calls each week. Put it on your shared calendar so everyone knows you’ll be unavailable during this time. You could even have “open door hours” where employees can come to your office daily from 3 pm- 5 pm. Most importantly, stick to this schedule!

Make Goals within the Goal

I’m a planner, can you tell yet? If my days are organized, I’m like Wonder Woman, I get so much accomplished. So, if your monthly goal is 20 sales break that down into weekly goals. The number 5 seems a lot smaller than the number 20. By making a smaller goal within the large goal, we are kind of tricking our brain, freeing up some time, and making the goal more attainable by being smaller. The immediate pressure of meeting that quota will melt away, just like your stress!

All that is left is to help guide your sales team by example and leadership. You could even implement these tips within the sales team & I guarantee you-you’ll have a happier, more productive team. Juggling your team while meeting your own goals is all about balancing your time and making it a point to set time aside for your goals.

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