“I want to get a grip on my business, but I’m stuck.”            

This is what you may be thinking if you’re interested in implementing EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

Whether you’re familiar with this concept founded by Gino Wickman, or you read the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, you know that using EOS can provide amazing results.

However, you may be stuck because your time is limited and you need more help getting your team to follow and commit to the EOS Process. You may even struggle with stepping into your role as the EOS Visionary®. These are all common challenges I’ve heard before. 

I’m a huge fan of EOS and everything it strives to achieve. As a productivity consultant, we strive to help companies “create a culture of productivity” through focus and accountability. This shared goal is emphasized in the EOS Model and is the key to your success.

So, let’s talk about how we can help you become more productive, so you can follow the EOS Model with ease and work toward achieving your vision.

Connect the dots between EOS and productivity

Now you may be wondering, “Wait, don’t you compete with EOS, Jan?”  

The answer is, “Absolutely not!”

My team is familiar with EOS and the role of the “EOS Implementer” because they recommend us to their clients often. Since our work is complementary, we’re a beneficial supplement and are brought in when companies struggle with how to implement EOS fully.

We often say that we are the Simon Sinek of “How” since that is really what we do: show companies how to move forward and how to be successful.  

Our role with EOS companies includes showing leaders how to find the time to implement and follow EOS. 

Be your team’s “rock”

Speaking of addressing the “how,” some of our support may directly help your employees. Specifically, they may need help figuring out “how” to implement their “Rocks,” which is the EOS term for key initiatives. This is right up our alley since we can help them figure out how to overcome hurdles at work. 

Let’s say one of your employee’s Rocks is to streamline the workflow for a specific business function, but this is a new type of task that’s now becoming a challenge.

Some EOS® Implementers will get down in the details and help resolve these issues. Others will stay focused more on the strategic aspect of the rollout. In these situations, they are thrilled to bring us on to assist so their clients can be successful, which is beneficial to them as well.   

This is when we swoop in (no cape needed!) and guide employees so they can complete their Rock and move forward—saving YOU time from having to do it yourself.  

Tackle the tactical pieces

Another area where companies may struggle with their EOS implementation is figuring out how to mesh the EOS “world” with the day-to-day non-EOS work. It can be hard to find a practical approach to making things run smoothly. This is the more tactical aspect of an EOS implementation that you may need support with so that it’s done seamlessly.

For example, a company we started working with recently rolled out the Traction® Tools—a great set of tools that allows EOS companies to better manage their EOS meetings and build in accountability. However, they recently also rolled out Microsoft Office 365, which also offers a great set of tools for driving priority setting and accountability as well as streamlining collaboration.

So, what do we do? Make it work—together!

We help companies determine how to leverage complementary tools that help integrate strategic EOS work with day-to-day non-EOS® activities—because there’s room for both.

Carry out your vision

Last, the support doesn’t stop at the employees. We help business owners who struggle with embracing their role as the Visionary®. In the EOS Model, this role steps away from the day-to-day work and focuses on the more strategic work (e.g., big client relationships, creating a vision for the company, etc.).

Imagine building up the resistance to endure back-to-back meetings and being the center of resolving “emergencies” and then, poof, seeing these distractions disappear?  

A new challenge appears: You now need to resist the urge to get sucked back into the day-to-day business that prevents you from focusing on your new main role. 

For instance, we worked with an EOS Visionary who encountered this issue as the owner and CEO of his firm. As he stepped into the Visionary role, he still couldn’t find the time he needed for his new strategic type work. 

You’d think there would be more white space on his calendar. But there was still an instinct to follow old routines and be involved in everything.

After identifying his challenge, we worked on things like effective delegation, time management, effective email management, and other productivity strategies that allowed him to be his most productive self.

Our coaching helped him finally transition into the Visionary role. One of the key aha moments was when we talked about the importance of delegating anything and everything he could so he could focus on his EOS Visionary role.

I told him, “Only do what ONLY you can do.” 

That’s when he really got it and put things in perspective. (I love aha moments!)

Ultimately, we know exactly how to save companies time so they can fully leverage EOS. With our guidance and support, you can get unstuck, bring your ideas to life, and grow your business.  

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