In every company, leadership is key to maintaining productivity and keeping things running smoothly. But what happens when the lines of communication start to break down? Suddenly, projects grind to a halt and deadlines are missed. 

When communication starts to break down in a company, it can have a ripple effect that impacts every aspect of the business. That’s why addressing communication issues head-on is so important for any organization. 

Communication issues can come in many forms. Here are just some of the common challenges: 

  • No one is reading emails because they are too long 
  • Understanding the subtleties of how to communicate in order not to offend others 
  • Knowing which communication channel to use that is most effective (ie. Email, Chat, Text, etc.) 
  • Understanding response time expectations when communicating   

For verbose email writers, they must keep in mind that people have a short attention span these days so it’s important to learn how to write concisely so colleagues and customers will read it. Bullet points are a great strategy to use. The whitespace between them allows the brain to reset and be able to read more efficiently.  

For example, if you have three things you are asking someone to do, have three clear bullet points to keep it concise. 

If your company needs help with subtleties of communication, we highly recommend these fabulous resources: 

If your organization is challenged with what communication tool to use, consider what the “Rules of Engagement” should be for your organization and make it clear for everyone in the company.  

For companies using Microsoft 365, we suggest these general guidelines: 

  • Email for external communication only.  
  • Texting for emergencies.  
  • Chat for 1-1 discussions or private discussions.  
  • For lengthier discussions that will become part of the knowledge base for your team, use Teams’ posts.  

To learn more about when to use chats versus posts, check out our recent webinar Teams Communication Best Practices. If you’d like help with your team’s task management skills, let us know. We CoachConsult, and Train people to optimize their time, talent, and technology. 

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