Whether you are a supervisor, manager, or an hourly employee, it’s easy to sometimes feel like another warm body within a large corporation. You arrive at work and do the same thing day in day out. In a sea of employees, how does your voice get heard? How does your million dollar idea get attention? I have been at the bottom of the totem pole and had to work my way up into management. With that being said, I know the tricks to get your idea out there to the big guys. Today, I am sharing with you how to find your voice within a corporation.


I feel like this should go without saying BUT for the sake of this blog I am going to say it anyway. Show-up! Show up to work on time, meetings prepared, and be present. Don’t sit there and sip your coffee while zoning out, be interactive. To get your voice heard, not only do you need to be a good employee but a team player. Volunteering to help in other areas displays that and it shows signs of a great leader.

Build Credibility

Having credibility behind your name is more than just a bunch of acronyms. You can build credibility by:

  • Being accountable – do what you say you will do.
  • Having a strong knowledge base – know your job inside and out.
  • Having a wide knowledge base – be willing to jump into other departments and help out.

I know that some organizations require a specific degree or level of education for particular positions and that is fine, but I can’t think of an organization that would turn down someone who is willing to learn to be proficient in other areas within the company. Having the initiative to learn more will help you build credibility and get you in front of more people to have your voice heard.


If you have tried to communicate with upper management before and you heard nothing but crickets, follow-up. Managers and supervisors are very busy and sometimes need a friendly reminder that you haven’t gotten a response. If you have followed-up multiple times then I suggest trying to get on their calendar for a face-to-face meeting where you can have their undivided attention.

Solve Problems

The number one way to get your idea heard within your organization is by following these steps:

  1. Request a meeting with the appropriate department.
  2. Clearly define the problem you are seeing.
    1. Explain why this is a problem.
  3. Present to them an answer.
    1. Show them how your answer to the particular problem will improve ____________; systems, process, communication within the team, sales, whatever the case is.

Managers and big bosses get showered with issues and problems all day long and often they are expected to have an answer or find the answer. If you present the problem you are seeing and present to them a solution and how to implement it, chances are you will be heard! You are taking the brainwork out of the problem.  

If you feel like you aren’t getting your voice heard, whether you’re in a big corporation or a small mom-and-pop business, I can help you! I have helped hundreds of employees get heard, acknowledged, and ultimately help their company be more productive. Contact me today and let’s see how we can get you from a name on the payroll to a leader within your company!


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