Don’t forget what your mother always told you.  Be nice.  Get along.  Show some respect.  Remember the Golden Rule?  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Well, just because you’re an adult now (in a leadership position, nonetheless), doesn’t make you exempt from these simple life lessons.  In fact, employees are willing to bend over backward for a nice boss.

Job satisfaction and employee engagement are directly related to employee/employer relationships. If you make some simple changes and commit to being a nicer boss, you might just see a happier and more productive team.  Consider these 6 simple concepts for How to be a Nicer Boss.  It’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but sometimes a friendly reminder can get you on the right track.

1. Show some respect.  Employees who feel respected will reciprocate that behavior.  They will want you to succeed and share in your success.  Avoid condescending language, allow them to have ownership of their work and show interest.  Do you manage a large group of employees?  Make sure you know each one of them by name, and acknowledge them in passing.

2.  Listen. Put down your phone, turn off your monitor, and avoid other distractions when an employee comes to you with an issue or idea.  Even if you disagree, give your employee a chance to speak, and truly listen to what is being said.  Yes, you have more experience and training, but sometimes the best ideas come from the underdog.

3.  Be available.  If your productivity is suffering due to constant interruptions, it’s time to make time for your employees.  Schedule standing one-on-one meetings or “open” office hours.  Avoid rescheduling.  Nothing makes a hard-working employee feel more degraded than being ignored.

4. Model professional behavior.  Don’t tolerate gossip, bullying or inappropriate conversations, and more importantly, don’t participate in them!  Employees not only want to be respected by their superiors, but also by their peers.  Make sure this is the case with your team.

5. Be understanding. Of course it’s frustrating when you’re waiting on a deadline, and one of your team members has a sick child or a flat tire.  It happens to all of us.  As long as it’s not a repeat offender, be understanding and move on.

6. Show recognition.  This is so important, and can be very simple or elaborate depending on your resources.  Some large companies have quite extensive employee recognition programs.  For others, a simple “great job” or lunch on you is adequate acknowledgement.

If your team’s productivity is suffering, or if stress levels seem high, it might be time to take a step aside and ask yourself “Could I be a nicer boss?”  The little things sometimes make the most difference, and your mom would be so proud.

Need more help?  Consider professional coaching.  We’d be happy to help you be a nicer boss, and don’t worry, no judging.  You have to start somewhere!

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