For some people, crawling back into bed on a cold, snowy day seems like the only thing you can possibly accomplish.  I definitely have those days, especially as I am about to face another Minnesota winter.  However, as a Productivity Consultant, I choose to use that snowy day for everything it’s worth.  In terms of being productive, I think snow has a little something to offer (other than frostbite and general agony).

How a Snowy Day Boosts Productivity

1.  Blocking out distractions is a key point in being a more productive person.  If like me, you have a home office, that can be difficult.  There’s always something to do, and somewhere to be.  On a snowy day, I’d rather be sitting at my desk working, than slipping around on an icy highway.   Running errands can wait until the plow comes.

2.  Taking breaks every 90 minutes or so, is another way to refresh your mind, naturally boosting productivity.  Let’s face it, at some point, I’m going to have to go out there and shovel.  That leads me right into number 3.

3. Exposing yourself to nature is an interesting concept in terms of productivity.  However, studies show that even just a few minutes in nature offers a psychological boost.  This enhanced state of mind will definitely have a positive impact on your accomplishments.  Nothing says nature like being blasted in the face with ice pellets as you struggle to shovel heavy, wet snow!  Perfect transition to number 4.

4. Nature increases creativity, which is a productivity helper in just about every situation.  While I’m out there, face to face with the raw elements, so many ideas come to me.  Shoveling can give me a whole new perspective on how to organize email or manage time more efficiently.  Speaking of shoveling…

5. Exercising regularly can increase productivity.  Exercise energizes your body and helps you focus your mind.  Energy and focus are definitely significant qualities of any highly productive person, and I’m pretty sure shoveling is right up there with kick-boxing and Zumba.

Next time you have a snow day, and you’re struggling to get out of your pajamas, you have two choices: You can sit around and watch Netflix (it gives you a whole 8 seconds after an episode to decide if you’ll do anything with your life that day), or you can take advantage of the many productivity boosting qualities that the snow can bring.

It’s not just that white stuff hanging around endlessly in the background.  It’s a whole new perspective on what you’ll accomplish today and in the future.

What’s your take?  Pjs or conquer the day?


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