In an article for Entrepreneur Magazine, Jan sheds some light on why entrepreneurs have issues delegating and what problems it may cause:

In fact, too many founders think they have to do everything themselves. Ironically, they know that going this route is a problem; they just don’t know how to change course. A full 37 percent of survey respondents for a CoFounder and ArcticStartup study said that finding the right personnel was the biggest hurdle of startup life.

As a result, instead of asking for help, leaders take on a perfectionist rhythm, as they attempt to balance the bulk of their company’s responsibilities on their shoulders alone. They trudge along a steep learning curve, trying to navigate new landscapes — iincluding the struggle to manage the few employees they’ve cautiously brought into the fold.

And that causes problems: As Jan Lehman, president of CTC Productivity, explained to me, training team members is especially troublesome for entrepreneurs who can’t let go. “Many entrepreneurs are not innately skilled to do this or excited about the opportunity,” she said. “To do this right, you need to know how to train or coach someone. You need to look at the overall communication. You need to know how to spot the right tasks to be delegated.”


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