Jan was recently featured in the Forbes article “Employees Browsing On Amazon Prime Day May Be A Sign Of A Healthy Company”.

Here is a link to the article, or if you’re pressed for time you can view a snippet of Jan’s tips here:

Experts say that an employee who feels they can take 30 minutes during the day to shop, then get right back to work, is likely working for an employer who’s created a healthy company culture.

“The ability to play every once in a while should be totally fine,” says Jan Lehman, an executive coach and founder of consultancy CTC Productivity. “Our days are always blended, and sometimes the pendulum swings more toward personal things versus business and vice versa.”

There’s a limit, of course, on how much time a worker can take away from work weighing the pros and cons of a particular pair of shoes or comparing lawn furniture and still be a fruitful worker at a healthy company. Lehman warns that more than that half hour on Amazon might begin to sap an employee’s output. Disengaged employees cost the global economy $7.8 trillion in lost productivity, Gallup’s “State of the Global Workplace” 2022 report found.

“We’re in the most distracting time in the history of humanity right now,” says John Winner, cofounder and CEO of software company Kizen, which uses automation and AI to boost company productivity. “There are so many different things, whether it’s Prime Day or different beeps, buzzes and notifications from our phone, that are potentially distracting team members.”

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