As a Twin Cities Business Consultant, my clients include professionals and businesses of all shapes and sizes.  Although their products, services and systems vary greatly, they all share a very common goal – to be more efficient.  Efficiency coaching cannot be successful without focusing on behavior change.

Previously, I posted a blog based a presentation by Dr. David Tolin. His findings on behavior change coincide precisely with how I approach clients while consulting on various aspects of their job functions, including process improvements, time management and general efficiency coaching.  Dr. Tolin states:

“People are in varying stages of being ready for change, and to be successful we need to understand these levels and approach them appropriately. In the early stages, we need to be positive, but not forceful. Elicit feedback, and don’t assume that they are ready to change. As they become more ready it’s important to then begin to weigh the benefits of change.”

This statement demonstrates my goal in helping clients succeed. At CTC Productivity, we never force people to change. We simply remind clients of their goals and the positive opportunities that await. All changes are executed at the client’s own pace, and using methods that work for that particular individual or business structure.

Dr. Tolin also remarked that, “Reinforced appropriate behavior is the best kind of motivator to see behavioral change.” I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.  Guilt, shame and scolding will not elicit participation in coaching programs implemented to establish more efficient behavior.  Understanding the psychology of change, and recognizing when someone is resistant to it, are what make my efficiency coaching and productivity consulting sessions so successful.

While some behaviors and habits are deeply rooted in an individual’s personality or in a company’s history, it often takes on-going efficiency coaching or additional procedural training to make lasting behavior changes that result in improved productivity.  Find out what that plan looks like for your company, by setting up a consultation today!

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