If someone is excelling in their job does that mean they understand how to use technology effectively?  Too often that’s not necessarily true. Although they might not fear technology, are early to adopt and super excited and engaged with the technology, they may be hustling away and not understand the potential uses of the technology to manage their workload. Our goal is to provide guidance on what features exist in the Microsoft 365 Tools and how people could use them most effectively.

Recently I did a company training on email. After the training, two people in their 20’s approached me and to say thank you for making them aware of folders in email. They didn’t know that was an option. They had only used Search as a way of organizing and finding past messages. Can you imagine not knowing about folders in email?  How could you find something that was not easily searchable?

I also had a woman in her 50s tell me she didn’t know about Search in email and only used folders.  Yikes again!  Leveraging a combination of the two is the most productive way to manage email.  The point here is don’t assume your employees understand how to do something efficiently just because they use the technology regularly or a feature has been around forever.

Best practice is to provide training when someone joins your company, especially if working with you is one of their first jobs out of school, and you should also provide a year of professional development when someone makes a jump on the corporate ladder.  You want to make sure people are fully prepared for their new role.

One of our clients brings us in every time they have a new hire to make sure that person is fully productive in their role. Their goal is to catch any inefficiency early instead of waiting for performance issues to arise.

Other clients often hire us to coach their employees as they are promoted into a leadership role or making a job transition. Again, making sure they can be effective in the role immediately before they become even busier with the demands of their new job.

We also provide one on one “White Glove” technology coaching for senior leaders who have not had the time to gain skills along with the development of their career. They got by with the minimum for decades with the help of executive assistants and now the world is so embedded with technology they need an in-depth tutorial to catch up and remain influential.

Whether new hires, new promotions or new aspirations to manage email, run meetings, contribute to projects or simply be more effective at their jobs, we can help you provide trainings to make sure everyone is using your technology well.


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