From Small Biz to Fortune 50–the Challenges Are the Same

A Note from Jan

I love my job. In the past, I’ve been told on several occasions by folks who I greatly respect that I should consider identifying a niche—that there are great benefits in doing so. But one of the things I enjoy most about what I do is the variety to be found in working with so many different companies in such a wide range of industries.

Just recently I had the opportunity to work with two Fortune 50 companies. And I found it endlessly fascinating to discover that these large companies struggle with the exact same challenges as the smaller businesses I work with often do.

One area I was surprised to learn that these larger companies struggle with is understanding and utilizing the power of the software they are already paying for.

Most large companies have access to the Microsoft 365 suite of tools, and my two recent clients were no exception. But a common theme I found is that they didn’t realize what the various business applications within Microsoft 365 could do to help them work smarter.

For example, a majority of leaders struggle with keeping their teams accountable and helping their team members stay organized. When we helped these large companies understand how to use plug-and-play tools like Microsoft Planner and ToDo there was a huge, and very satisfying lightbulb moment.

And this happens to be the case at every company, big or small, that we work with.

So, strangely, where I expected variety in working with these Fortune 50 companies, I found none. I’ve learned that the vast majority of businesses, regardless of size or industry, struggle with the same challenges.

Common struggles include:

  • A lack of time
  • Not leveraging their technology to the full extent
  • Not honing their daily productivity practices individually and across their teams
  • Inefficient internal processes
  • A lack of trained resources

The good news? With a little help, some simple, yet impactful changes can make a world of difference for your company’s overall output—no matter the size of the organization.

Here is what one of those clients had to say . . .

“In our one-on-one sessions, Jan offered personalized strategies that were not only insightful but also immediately applicable. Jan’s impact was further amplified when she conducted a session for my leadership team. Her engaging style and practical tips resonated with everyone. The tools and techniques she shared are becoming integral parts of our daily routines, fostering a more cohesive and effective work environment.”

Jason Odell, Vice President, Security Operations at Walmart

How to Do More with Less

Recently, a common phrase we keep hearing come up in our consultations is that leaders are looking to “do more with less.” In other words, companies are looking to accomplish as much as possible for their organizations with the current resources they have. Makes sense to us!

If we had to guess, this mentality has seen a resurgence as of late because the uncertainty surrounding an impending recession is putting a chokehold on budgets. Additionally, the challenge of finding qualified talent in this post-pandemic world is a struggle all on its own. Many companies are understaffed and need to figure out how to work as efficiently as possible.

And these issues are affecting small businesses and Fortune 50 companies alike. So, for our small business friends who often feel they are understaffed and at a disadvantage to the big guys, take solace in knowing that even the big guys don’t have it all figured out.

At this point, you’re probably wondering—how can you accomplish more with less? That’s where we get excited and passionately put our skills to the test. The great thing about what we do is that we’re able to cater our recommendations to exactly what your unique situation needs.

Maybe you have decently effective processes in place—but your employees are spending too much time answering emails and being busy, and not enough time focused on their most important work.

Or maybe your business has grown, and you’re finding that your technology doesn’t support that growth, leading to bloated and ineffectual workflows.

Or maybe you’re still adjusting to a new hybrid or fully remote work structure, and you need a tech solution to support your team and ensure things don’t fall through the cracks.

The scenarios are truly endless. But what we’ve found is that we actually DO have a defined niche (although perhaps not in the traditional sense.) Our niche—our sweet spot—continues to be at the intersection of productivity, technology, and psychology with a focus on starting at the tippy top—with you, the leader.

We help leaders to be more productive and effective in their roles by showing them how to create a positive culture and empower their teams to follow effective productivity strategies. We emphasize strategies that not only drive productivity but also increase job satisfaction across the board.

Here is a comment from one of our fearless leaders who believes in adopting these strategies across your organization . . .

“I’ve personally experienced improved productivity leveraging calendared Focus Time as well as end-of-day Regroup and Plan time. As a leader, it’s enabled me to leverage my naturally high energy in the morning to get my key priorities accomplished/developed. I would highly recommend Jan’s book Work Smart Do More as a baseline. If you really want to drive the learning, I would invest in her coaching sessions to reinforce the concepts with your team.”

—Matt Steele, Vice President, Fortune 50 Company


The Problems We Can Help You Address

As we mentioned above, we cater our services specifically to help you address the big issues keeping you from getting the chaos under control and leveling up your team’s overall performance. Here are a few ways we can help, along with some links to case studies with real results from past clients:

Coaching: One-on-one coaching can help assess current issues, challenges, and opportunities in order to maximize your team’s talents and help them do what you hired them to do. That leaves you with a more engaged team, employees who are smashing through their sales goals, and productivity improvements that span your entire organization.

Microsoft 365 Technology Consulting: Our goal is to assist companies in running more efficiently by optimizing their time, talent, and technology. One of the ways we accomplish this is by helping you leverage the power of Microsoft 365 technology (a tool you likely already own licenses for) to increase productivity within your organization in a way that works for you.

Training: Whether it’s learning how to fully leverage the available technology, develop better time management skills, or effectively delegate, we have highly skilled trainers to help with the education and adoption of these new skills.

Here is what one happy client had to say about our training . . .

“Jan received outstanding reviews from our Sales Leaders at our recent leadership meeting. A month later, most said they were practicing her tips for maximizing their time. It’s easy to fall into patterns that actually work against our priorities. Practical ideas she shared were easy-to-implement game-changers. Her contributions were impressive and appreciated. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a speaker who delivers high-value content to help leaders regain control over their calendars and achieve their top priorities.”

Kevin Wishard, Communications at Fortune 50 Company

So, no matter what size business you are in, we can help! Book a call so we can answer your questions and help you learn how to do more with less—for the long run.


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