Sound familiar? 

It’s the start of the quarter and you feel confident that with the help of the EOS Model® you recently adopted you are more than prepared to complete your big priorities. You’ve decided on your Rocks for the quarter and you know the steps you need to take to complete them.  

As the days progress, however, you realize that the majority of your focus has been on “putting out fires”. You also spend a large chunk of time each day trying to manage constant office interruptions. Before you know it, there are only a few days left in the quarter and your Rocks have gone completely unaddressed for three months…   

Have you experienced this before? Chances are you have. More than once. And chances are, so has every single one of your employees.  

We promise, it really doesn’t have to be this way.   

If you’re trying to rollout EOS in your organization, but are struggling to do so, we can help.  

We help EOS companies be even more successful and efficient by focusing our efforts on three critical areas:  

  1. Helping you find the time to complete your Rocks  
  2. Assisting you in executing your Rocks (for example, streamlining your workflow) 
  3. Building a tool within Microsoft 365 to drive efficiency around managing EOS

At CTC, we love how the EOS strategies synergize with those that we offer through executive coaching, training, and technology consulting. And it seems the love is mutual. 

 Mike Paton—EOS Implementer® at EOS Worldwide and co-author of Get a Grip (with Gino Wickman) and Process! (with Lisa González)—helped clarify the synergies and clear distinctions between our two companies.   

Here’s how Mike sees it: 

CTC Productivity helps leaders and teams…  

  • Improve personal productivity and follow through on Rock completion 
  • Improve organizational communication 
  • Streamline and consistently adopt processes   

They do this by changing the daily behaviors of individuals and teams through…  

  • Executive coaching 
  • Training 
  • Technology adoption and optimization 


EOS Basics 

If you’ve been living under a “rock” (pun intended!) and don’t know what EOS is and how it can help your business, here are some resources to get you started. (If you’re an EOS veteran, you can skip this section.)  

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) is a system of simple concepts and tools meant to help leaders run their businesses more efficiently. EOS Worldwide provides some amazing resources and additional information on the EOS Model. If you’ve not yet implemented EOS in your organization, we highly recommend that you look into it further. You may even want to consider taking their Organizational Checkup assessment to determine where your organization’s strengths and weaknesses lie.  


How Do CTC and EOS Work Together? 

Interestingly, many of our clients have already adopted the EOS model. We aim to help EOS companies maximize the benefits that they see from EOS within their organizations. Leadership and employees often don’t have enough time to dedicate to the system or they haven’t prioritized it quite yet. (This can be due to the scenario we outlined above, or simply due to not knowing where to start.)   

And that’s where CTC comes in.  

A common issue that our clients face is that they know the “what” of their priority list—they’ve already identified their Rocks for the quarter—but they don’t know the “how.” Many of our clients get stuck in knowing how to proceed, they have trouble making the time, and/or they don’t know where to start when it comes to finding solutions for their roadblocks.  

For example, let’s say a company is continuing to “fight fires” daily because of a bloated workflow that is ripe with opportunities for streamlining. They know it needs to change, yet they can’t find the time to work on it or don’t have the talent on their team to make it a reality. Once tapped, the CTC team would come in to help them find the time or we would assist them in completing their Rock.  

If you’re interested in adopting the EOS model for your organization, or if you’ve already done so, but just don’t know where to start in making it work for you, CTC can help. As Mike Paton mentioned, we have a variety of services geared toward helping you to complete priorities, streamline processes, adopt and optimize powerful technology, and beyond. 

At CTC Productivity, we regularly coach executives on the importance (and execution) of setting workplace boundaries and narrowing down one’s top priorities. These two actions can make a world of difference for defining and completing your Rocks.  Why? Because when you lack workplace boundaries (for yourself and with your team), and when you don’t have your priorities clearly defined, your time slips away to tasks that aren’t urgent and emails that could have waited.   

In addition to executive coaching, we also offer technology consulting (specifically for the powerhouse productivity tool, Microsoft 365.)  Technology consulting allows us to help you leverage the full power of Microsoft 365, including a custom tool that we build out for you that makes managing EOS a breeze.  

Jan also talks all about boundary setting, prioritization, productivity, and technology tools in her bestselling book, Work Smart Do More. These key topics work symbiotically with the foundational aspects of EOS and we’re confident you’ll wish you’d had tools like these years ago.   

Now let’s dive into the benefits of integrating Microsoft 365 with EOS.  


How We Leverage Microsoft 365 to Help You Manage EOS 

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that we have a love-love relationship with Microsoft 365. It’s a powerful tool that has been proven to positively impact how businesses communicate, manage day-to-day operations, handle deadlines, and more. That’s why we use Microsoft 365 to manage EOS within our clients’ organizations.  

When you partner with CTC, we build out a custom tool that you can use to help your team manage EOS and reduce the extra work needed to maintain EOS data and tasks.  

Interested in what benefits you can expect?  This tool: 

  • is built on the Microsoft 365 platform, so there are no additional monthly subscription costs.  
  • integrates seamlessly with your other existing communication and task management processes. 
  • provides a dashboard and structure for running your EOS meetings. 
  • reduces maintenance time for maintaining EOS data. 
  • creates a process for managing tasks that are created from EOS meetings. 

We’ve found that leveraging Microsoft 365 in this way is endlessly effective in making a tool you’re already using work even harder for you. And we are all about cutting down on costs, while multiplying efficiencies. If you’re interested in learning more about how Microsoft 365 can help your organization manage EOS, check out this client case study the free webinars below or contact us directly to discuss your specific needs. 


Free Webinars Covering How Microsoft 365 and EOS Work Together 

Why pay for third-party software to manage EOS information when Microsoft 365 can do it all? Watch these webinar recordings to learn how to leverage 365 to efficiently manage EOS in your organization. 

Part 1 – Using Microsoft 365 to Manage an Organization with EOS 

Part 2 – EOS Project Management Leveraging Microsoft 365 


Additional Services We Offer to Manage EOS in Your Organization 

Below are the tools and services we offer to help organizations maximize the efficiency benefits they see from EOS. Take a look, and give us a call if you’re ready to take the next steps in making the most of your time. 


Technology Consulting Service 

Is your company hitting efficiency roadblocks and struggling to complete your Rocks?    

We offer Microsoft 365 Consulting to help your company maximize its efficiencies and minimize waste. As mentioned above, Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool for businesses. Our goal is to help you successfully roll out EOS in your organization. We do this by helping you start using apps specifically designed for each specific work function (i.e. Task Management, Accountability, etc.) in order to streamline your workflow, minimize distractions, manage deadlines, and finally complete those Rocks.  

With Technology Consulting, we help you:   

  • Assess your company’s pain points  
  • Build a roadmap for how best to leverage Microsoft 365 for your unique needs 
  • Help you to migrate from your old technology to the new environment 
  • Simplify your processes  
  • Assist in training your team members to eliminate roadblocks and ensure full adoption  
  • Build excitement among your team members about the change  

For more information on how Microsoft 365 can help your business, you can read this blog post or contact us to book a call.  


CTC Productivity’s Executive Coaching & Team Training Programs 

One-on-one coaching can help you and your team find the time you need to manage and follow EOS. We also help assess current issues, challenges, and opportunities.   

We also provide companies and associations with effective team training at every level. 

Whether it’s learning how to fully leverage the technology available to them, better time management skills, effective delegation, or process improvement, our staff are prepared to help your team improve their performance in every area.  

If you’d like more information on how our executive coaching program and team training can help you successfully execute EOS within your organization and maximize your time, talent, and technology, book a call here. We’d love to help. 



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