We help you pinpoint inefficiencies and offer tried-and-true solutions for your pain points.

At CTC, we strive to help you eliminate waste and maximize your efficiencies. With our Consulting service, we will help you determine what’s NOT working for you and get to the root cause of the issue. This allows us to provide specific and proven solutions based on our expertise and your company’s unique needs and capabilities.

Our Consulting service will help you:

  • Improve and upgrade your processes.
  • Give you an objective expert opinion on a specific project or issue.
  • Build structures to increase your productivity.

Productivity Consulting with CTC
has helped organizations:

  • Streamline
    Their workflow

  • Increase
    Their productivity

  • Fully leverage
    Their technology

Our Primary Consulting Service is Microsoft 365 Technology Consulting

CTC Productivity’s goal is to assist companies in running more efficiently by optimizing their time, talent, and technology. One of the ways we accomplish this is by helping businesses leverage the power of Microsoft 365 technology (a tool they likely already own licenses for) to increase productivity within their organization in a way that works for them.

CTC Productivity’s Proven Microsoft 365 Implementation Roadmap

  • 1

    Assess your current technical environment & build a roadmap.

  • 2

    Migrate your data and email to the new platform, and create the foundation to take full advantage of the power of the Teams infrastructure.

  • 3

    Optimize the business applications to streamline workflow and increase productivity.

  • 4

    Wrap up the project and hand your new system back over to your team with confidence.

Case Studies

The Impact Our Consulting Services Have Had On Our Clients


#1: Why Bring in Microsoft 365 Experts to Help Supplement Your IT Team – A Client Perspective

“From the first day we engaged CTC we didn’t stress. CTC guided us through the process. They told us to ‘Trust in the fact that there is an algorithm for this’ and that there is a process that will work every time. It’s agnostic to your business. It doesn’t matter what industry. Trust you can do this with their help.” Read More >>

#2: Microsoft 365 Full-Service Approach is a Huge Advantage

“Here is one piece of advice I would give to other businesses. Do it.  Move to 365. The benefit of the cloud is where the future is. You will be glad you did. Also partner with experts that know what they are doing. It doesn’t matter how good your IT group is. They could be spending their time and energy in other areas furthering your business and letting experts that understand Microsoft 365 do what they do best.” Read More >>

#3: How to Improve Communication Using Microsoft Teams

“I discovered the most effective way to leverage technology to solve our issues is to start with identifying the business problem. Then explore if technology can help and how to configure it correctly. That shift in mindset, the need to focus on the area of improvement first was a different way to look at it and was a great learning opportunity for me.” Read More >>


Microsoft 365 Webinars

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We build individualized solutions for your unique organization

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