How many times have you left the office late, rushing out the door leaving your desk a disaster? I’m guilty! I used to be notorious for my desk being organized chaos but once I learned the power of clearing my desk nightly that quickly changed. I am giving you my number one productivity tip; How Clearing Your Desk Nightly Will Make You More Productive.

A Fresh Start

Walking into your office or cubical shouldn’t be overwhelming or stressful. When you get to your desk in the morning you should be able to sit down, place your coffee down without the fear of it spilling on next week’s report, and get straight to work. By clearing off yesterday’s junk the night before, you are giving yourself a fresh start for the next day! You can immediately get to business and focus.

Be More Prepared & Organized

I have spent countless hours searching for “that one piece of paper I know is around here somewhere!” When I began clearing off my desk nightly, I found myself to be more organized. Go through each file and sticky note that has piled up throughout the day on your desk and discard or organize it accordingly. Doing this will set you up for success for the next work day. Plus, you will know where everything is at any given moment. Wouldn’t that be great for when the boss pops in unexpectedly needing something ASAP?!

Stay in A Routine

Clearing your desk nightly doesn’t have to take hours. Take 5 – 10 minutes each night before you leave to sort through and organize your desk. You will eventually develop a routine, and soon you won’t even realize that you are doing it. We are creatures of habit so stick to it no matter how late in the evening it is!

Perhaps you have tried clearing your desk before leaving for a few weeks, and you are still getting to work feeling unproductive and overwhelmed. Thankfully there are many more ways to remain on task and accomplish the day’s duties. Contact me to see how you can dramatically improve your productivity and organization and get down to the root of the problem.


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