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Below you’ll find access to one of our most popular and impactful tools, the Effective Communication Guidelines. You’ll also be able to download the charts and graphs shown in Jan Lehman’s book, Work Smart Do More, as well as take our free Organization Productivity Assessment. This assessment will help you determine the current state of your company’s productivity so you stop chasing symptoms and start making positive changes where they’ll have the most impact.

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Effective Communication Guidelines

The work you do to establish communication protocols with your employees isn’t rocket science. It revolves around finding a common language and understanding how you and your teams best communicate and problem-solve in the office.

Our most popular tool, the Effective Communication Guidelines, was built to guide you in discovering and clearly defining your organization’s communication style. It will allow you to easily integrate that common language into your company culture in a clear and structured way. Establishing these guidelines will not only increase productivity, output, and profit, but it will also help create a culture of respect and understanding amongst peers and decrease the number of communication roadblocks.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use this tool, you can read this article. Or, if you’re ready to dive right in, you can download a blank copy of the Effective Communication Guidelines grid via the button below.


At CTC Productivity, we aim to help you maximize your three most valuable resources: time, talent, and technology. We have recorded many technology webinars to help leaders to do just that.

We aim to help you and your team become productivity powerhouses, and one of our favorite technologies for that is Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 can help you address issues with organization, communication, collaboration, meetings, accountability, prioritization, and even more.

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Case Studies

Our most outstanding results have always been when we get to work with committed, passionate, optimistic leaders who know the value of investing in real culture changes.

They recognize their role in those changes, and they’ve seen how improving productivity has changed the way their whole company functions.

Their hard work, guided by our expertise, creates powerful and sustainable results. Read more in the case studies below about how we’ve helped corporate leaders, like you, maximize their time, talent, and technology.

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