"Jan has provided us with practical, valuable advice. Working with CTC Productivity has increased my firm's overall efficiency by at least 30%. Money and time well spent!"
Douglas Brown, Brown & Carlson
"Our team walked away with many action items to save us time: more efficient use of emails, more effective meetings, and increased focus time through time management best practices."
Wendi Breuer, SeaChange
"During a CEO peer group session, a member told us how just one tip Jan suggested could positively impact the way his entire company operated.  He said, 'That right there is a multi-million dollar idea.'"
Tom McDougall, High Point Networks
"Jan is great at listening, sorting out the problems and providing practical advice with follow-up steps. I found her coaching to be a great way to boost my personal effectiveness and that of our team."
Jim Schowalter, MN Council of Health Plans
"Jan has a talent for quickly identifying strengths, weaknesses and realistic areas for improvement." (featured in the Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Minnesota Business magazine for Women Who Lead nomination)
Michael Opack, Heacox, Hartman, Koshmrl, Cosgriff, & Johnson P.A.
“As a Keynote at our 2022 Convention, Jan was a hit. Her stage presence was high-energy and professional, and her presentation was on-point. In addition, she was exceptionally easy and positive to work with. I would highly recommend her!”
Margaret Pennock; Director Of Workforce Development at AGC of South Dakota

Relying on individuals to step up and be more efficient doesn’t always work.

Some employees will excel beyond your wildest dreams, while others will struggle to rise to the occasion.

At best, you’ll create pockets of productivity.

At worst, you’ll overstress your most valuable employees.

That’s why we focus on senior leadership first because a true culture change has to start with leadership.

We’ve helped hundreds of senior leaders and their organizations stop chasing symptoms and discover the root of their productivity problems. Show up as a ready and willing participant, and we’ll help you see an average of 10% increase in your productivity and profitability.

Every organization has different challenges that require unique solutions, and our proven methodology helps identify issues and customize solutions for your needs. It all starts by booking a call with Jan.

Areas of Expertise

Work one-on-one or as a group with one of our CTC Productivity coaches so you can start the process of creating a more productive office culture.

Coaching allows you to:

  • Leverage your individual strengths and learn how to play to them
  • Learn strategies and tactical tools you need to achieve your goals consistently
  • Get the accountability that will help you change your behaviors for the long-term

Is there an opportunity for things to run more effectively in your organization? Does your workflow have some kinks? That’s where consulting comes in.

Consulting allows you to:

  • Make better use of your existing technology 
  • Get an objective pair of eyes on your productivity pain points
  • Put structures in place that allow your processes to be more effective


Bring in one of our productivity specialists to help your team improve their use of technology, learn soft skills, and increase their productivity as a group.

Training allows your team to:

  • Gain the techniques and tools they need to be more productive
  • Learn productivity tactics to help with personal, team, and company-wide productivity
  • Engage highly productive employees and have them share their best practices with colleagues

Jan’s dynamic speaking style allows her audiences to ask direct questions and walk away with skills they can apply instantly. Her interactive and conversational speaking style engages everyone in the room.

Book Jan as a speaker for your event so your audience can:

  • Learn how to create a culture of productivity that drives company-wide efficiencies and employee engagement
  • Maximize their time, talent, and technology
  • Engage with an expert, who’s also a CEO and business leader