Recently we had an interview with our client Kaarin Mantz, Administrative Lead YMCA Camps, YMCA of the North.

Here’s what Kaarin had to say about her company’s challenge, the CTC solution and the results:

“I have been with the organization 13 years and have observed the following issues that were affecting our productivity across the entire organization:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Internal Project management
  • Lost knowledge with staff turnover

As a non-profit we needed a smarter way of working that would streamline the way we communicate and collaborate and ensure we were capturing knowledge in people’s heads.”

“I had been attending the CTC Productivity webinars and reading their blog posts. I started to make the connection between how our business challenges could be solved by Microsoft 365. We had invested in Microsoft 365 but were not fully using it to our advantage. Although the IT team knows how it works, they don’t know how to use it on the ground in the day-to-day business operations.

I realized working with someone that knows how to apply it to solve the organization’s business issues was critical. So, we decided to bring in CTC Productivity to guide us.

I just loved their approach. We identified the business problem areas and they explained how 365 could meet our needs. This method made it easier for me to see how we should leverage the tools.

Looking back on the project I didn’t realize what we needed. I thought we needed a communication plan but when working with the CTC team I learned there was a better way to approach it. I had no idea all the ways we could be addressing the issues with 365.

I also learned when working with CTC that this was too big of an endeavor to try and change the entire organization all at once. The CTC team suggested we pilot the new approach before rolling it out to the rest of the organization. We needed to start small with one location and hone in on exactly how we should be using it. This was a critical step before training everyone.

I also learned it was very important to get some momentum going on the project and create a team of champions that were sharing the value of the tool with the rest of the organization before the broader rollout.

Piloting the approach was pivotal. We needed the right team, so we piloted in an area where I have intimate knowledge and was confident the pilot team would be up for the challenge. I knew we picked the right team because they saw the struggle and were willing to invest their time and energy. They understood the issues and were passionate about finding a solution.

The CTC monthly retainer model was perfect. It kept me on task as the Client Project Manager and was a great incentive to ensure we were making steady progress every month. In this busy world it’s easy to let projects slide but this made sure things were progressing and we were getting our full value for the investment.”

“The pilot was a great success and now other areas of the business who have heard about our success want to know more. Doing a pilot was the trick to ensure full adoption.

Our Learning and Development team has decided to create a handout that will be adopted throughout our organization on best practices on how to use 365 the way we have designed it.

The immediate business benefits are:

  • Having a better communication process where we can easily separate work and home life.
  • Keeping things organized.
  • Going paperless. Paper binders are now a thing of the past.
  • A more streamlined approach to onboarding new team members. I’m very excited about this one as it will help make transitions easier. When we have turnover, we will save months of training new people as now all the information is saved and stored in a way that is easy to access.

Now we are primed and ready for busy season this summer!

I am much more knowledgeable about Microsoft 365. I never knew all these tools and options were available. I can’t believe we had been paying for but not leveraging these features to solve our day-to-day issues.

One of my biggest aha moments was learning how to approach a project like this through the help of CTC. I now feel more confident with my project management skills going forward.

I discovered the most effective way to leverage technology to solve our issues is to start with identifying the business problem. Then explore if technology can help and how to configure it correctly. That shift in mindset, the need to focus on the area of improvement first was a different way to look at it and was a great learning opportunity for me.

What is most exciting for me about this project is that we now have a plan on how to fully utilize Microsoft 365. Our organization had no plan prior to this.

I would highly recommend you have CTC Productivity guide you through the process. There is no way we could have done this on our own. I would not have had the time to research everything and figure it out. It was a valuable investment and now that I have been trained, I can train others.”