Like many situations, we were brought in because the company’s owner felt overwhelmed; he needed to be more organized. Often it feels like our clients aren’t exactly sure what to ask us to help with, they just know they need help because they are drowning in work.

Together we worked on revamping his physical space so that it accommodated his personal needs better, and we also worked on his personal workflow and the way he interacted with his team. Many felt he was not the best communicator and so we worked on helping him see ways where he could make very small changes to help make his employees feel more empowered, respected and supported.

“The owner of our company hired Jan Lehman to work on his personal organization and work flow. Now not only is he less overwhelmed and more in control of his environment, but many of us throughout the organization are seeing the positive benefits as well. Jan helped him understand how his personal style was impacting the productivity of others. He is now more structured and aware of the importance of how he interacts with us. The end result – increased productivity and job satisfaction throughout the organization. The trickle-down effect Jan’s work has had on our company has been amazing!”

Joanne – Finance Manager / HR Coordinator

“I was very impressed by the level of sophistication and insight that Jan provided me about how to improve my organization.”

Owen Engelmann, Vice President, Engelmann Becker Corp