We were brought in by the HR department to work with many of the Deans and Professors at a local college. The idea had come from a Managers Retreat where many of them shared a common concern of feeling overwhelmed with work and feeling stressed by not having the work life balance they desired.

We delivered a presentation centered around many of the common productivity challenges, such as optimizing your personal workflow, setting priorities and changing behaviors to ensuring your top priorities receive the focused time and attention they deserve, learning to delegate, saying no, and evaluating when doing something perfectly may not be the best option.

“Jan is an excellent organization advisor and coach. She is able to help you find a system that accounts for your personal style/habits, and still allows you to have a space that you are proud to share with others. Jan is great at helping during a very stressful process, and provides motivation and encouragement when completing the tasks.”

Shalimar Steinberg, Drafting Instructor

“I thought the presentation was great! Good amount of discussion, good on accountability…engaging. I hired Jan at my office to help me with my complex work flow and also help my admin assistants work with my “remodeled” filing system. Where I feel overwhelmed, Jan feels challenged! I highly recommend her for office organizing. She goes beyond clutter clearing and designs workable systems to keep you organized.”

Sarah, PhD, Dean of Science Lane Community College

When an organization sees a need for improved productivity across many of its divisions or within a department, I can deliver a workshop to share organizing theory with a larger population, combined with hands-on sessions for select groups. This approach reinforces the organization’s belief that process improvement is not about employees working longer hours, but working more effectively in their daily jobs.

The P&G CEO created a council “focused on productivity” because he believes so strongly in the opportunity. What are you doing to identify and instill this smart behavior?