The CEO of the company knew one of his team leaders was a Rockstar. The problem was neither she nor others saw her in that same light. Her quieter, introverted personality was holding her back from being the leader he knew she could be. The goal was to change her approach and raise her confidence so she would show everyone her real talent.  


Through 1-1 coaching we worked on a few strategic areas. One was elevating her in her department so she would have more time to spend on companywide initiatives. We had her adopt the “Only Do What Only You Can Do” approach and delegate the rest. This allowed her to not only free up time for other strategic work, but it empowered her team, knowing that she trusted them to take on more responsibility.   

We also worked on her communication style to be more proactive and engaged. As an introvert, she seldom spoke up in meetings and often was not asked for her opinion. With this additional time from effectively delegating, she would read up on activities going on outside of her department so she could provide her important perspective in leadership meetings to show others her brilliance.  

She was also leading an important project and because her nature was to only share when she had something important to share, many misread her dedication and drive on the project. By changing her communication strategy and teaching her to proactively communicate, it calmed the concerns of those on the project and helped elevate her leadership in their eyes. For many, silence can be interpreted as no progress. She also learned to be more open and vocal about what she sees and wants for the organization, her department and equally important…for herself.  Thus, giving the CEO more confidence that she is indeed interested in advancement. 


With coaching, she improved her communication, management, and work style. She now better understands she is accountable, but not necessarily responsible, for the output of her department and has stopped being a “doer”.  She has more time to focus on important work like company-wide initiatives, proactive strategies to minimize challenges in the department and coaching her direct reports on their work and career paths. 

 “The biggest thing I learned from the coaching with Jan was to be more vocal – whether that be in meetings or one-on-ones with my supervisor.  What I say does matter!  Jan also encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, which has been challenging at times but definitely worth it!”

  • Time saved each month: 21% + 
  • Job satisfaction increase: 81-100% 
  • Stress reduction: 81-100% 

 Tammy Larson, Chief Risk Officer, Coulee Bank