The Situation
CEO Wendi Breuer saw Jan speak and immediately knew her strategies and tactics were what SeaChange needed to evolve into the highly effective organization she was striving for.

What They Thought Their Problem Was
For Wendi, her biggest problem was an obligation to work longer and longer hours, often late into the night, regularly. She knew that it had to stop for her to be an effective leader and find balance in her life.

What Had They Already Tried?

  • Senior members were training new staff and, not being productivity experts, they were unable to properly address the root cause of this issue.
  • Individuals were left to help other individuals as best they could

How We Worked With Them
We spent a half-day with the entire team in a one-time training session.

The Solution
Leaders, like Wendi, aren’t always aware of how much inefficiency there is in the way that they work. They find what works for them and keep doing it. Wendi’s team was extremely responsive to CTC, offering simple but powerful ideas around making changes to the way they worked together.

We not only provided ideas on how to increase their personal productivity, but we also showed them how to work more effectively as a team.

What made this solution effective?
Wendi was the spark that made all the difference in their success.

She is a phenomenal leader and was quick to embrace building a culture of productivity with her team. She realized that change needed to start with her.

As a Result of Her Leadership, and With Our Guidance:

  • Wendi embraced the ideas from our presentation and wove them into her existing culture
  • The team prioritized six productivity tips that unite them as a group
  • Her entire team is now engaged and more productive

To reinforce the message and importance of this new way of working, they have these six tips branded on mousepads in their company colors and have built their productivity habits directly into their company values.

What Does SeaChange Look Like Now?

  • Wendi has invested in individual coaching for many of her leaders
  • Wendi is no longer working into the night
  • One of their sales reps saw an 80% reduction in their stress level
  • The team is happier and much more productive
  • Wendi has reduced wasted time by 10 hours per month
  • Their COO has reduced wasted time by 35-40 hours a month and used that time to implement long-overdue projects that resulted in cost savings of $30K per month.
  • Wendi is saving about $6000 per month thanks to not having to fill a new customer service role

Testimonial from Wendi

“Jan Lehman is a phenomenal speaker and efficiency enthusiast. Our team walked away with many action items we are already implementing to save us time through more efficient use of emails, more effective meetings and increased focus time through time management best practices.” — Wendi Breuer, CEO SeaChange