Recently we had an interview with our client Jenn Pensa, COO of Ardent Credit Union. 

Here’s what Jenn had to say about her company’s Challenge, the CTC Solution and the Results: 


 “I recently changed jobs and the new company had decided we would stay with the hybrid work model. To do this properly it’s important to provide a work environment that allows everyone to work effectively no matter how many days they’re in or out of the office. It is critical for us to leverage tools like Teams and Microsoft 365 and all the efficiency that comes with improved communication and collaboration as well as reducing email.  Since we installed the Microsoft licensing 2.5 years ago, we had everything we needed – we just weren’t using the software to its capabilities yet.   

We knew it would be painful to do a full rollout on our own because the internal IT team members may not understand how to configure 365 and how all our current systems would connect with 365 as well.   

For companies our size typically, you can’t have all the technology resources in-house to effectively go where you want to go with our long-term technology strategy. You need your in-house IT to be the boots on the ground and have strong outside partners to define the strategy and be subject matter experts on the various technologies you are deploying. That outside voice ensures a smooth and efficient rollout. The in-house team and outside expert approach would allow us to have the best of everything.” 


“I knew immediately that we needed to bring in CTC Productivity to optimize our Microsoft 365 technology because of the quality work they did for us at my last company. CTC has focused subject matter expertise in Microsoft 365, with up-to-the-minute learning. Using subject matter experts allowed us to be educated, innovative and cutting edge without having to hire a new expert for each area. That’s an important solution because we don’t need some of these skills long-term.   

We realized our tech team members (internal and external) had pockets of knowledge on certain aspects of Microsoft 365 (configuration, licensing, Intune) but couldn’t provide the full service that CTC could from migration to optimization.  

Also, when it comes to security and compliance internal team members may not understand the best way to configure the tool and often rely on non-tech people to make decisions outside of their skillset. CTC did the compliance and security assessment and made recommendations on how to optimally configure the environment. This was a huge benefit. CTC really understands client needs and the world of compliance and security – and knows the right security framework to keep our data safe and compliant.”  


“From the first day we engaged CTC we didn’t stress. CTC guided us through the process. They told us to ‘Trust in the fact that there is an algorithm for this’ and that there is a process that will work every time. It’s agnostic to your business. It doesn’t matter what industry. Trust you can do this with their help.   

I would highly recommend CTC’s 365 Assess/Migration/Optimization Roadmap. It’s critical to get the foundation in place first. Then you can determine how to leverage it across teams. CTC knows what to do, just follow their lead. 

CTC is easy to work with. They listen. It’s a fantastic experience working with them. Their team members are amazing and some of the smartest people I have worked with. It’s nice to work with tech pros that are humble, and client focused.   

I have worked with many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and technology partners that provide services and scope in different models. CTC has a retainer model that is fantastic because our company gets a lot of bang for our buck. I really appreciated the additional thought leadership hours.  In my opinion, CTC does not charge enough.   

What we got in spades is the one-off questions answered quickly. My team is not wasting time trying to figure out the answers when the CTC team knows them already and can quickly answer our questions and make sure we are not making mistakes. They know how to do it right by laying out the groundwork, so everything is set up correctly the first time.  

Microsoft 365 works so well when it’s done right! Sometimes applications promise a lot and they do not really work. 365 actually works. The integration between desktop and phone is so helpful since we all live on our phone. Using 365 optimally is imperative in this hybrid work model that is here to stay.”