We help leaders create a culture of productivity

The responsibility of leading a successful business is time-consuming and daunting. It requires innovative and big picture thinking.

Knowing when to pay attention to the details. Balancing the needs of the organization with those of its individuals. Being decisive while also open to new ideas. Having confidence in your expertise while embracing what you do not know. As a senior leader, this can be a difficult balance to strike.

At CTC (Create the Culture) Productivity, we uncover and change behaviors that interfere with your potential. We help you leverage technology, leadership skills, and process improvements to maximize your productivity. We target leadership because you have the authority to create systemic change in your organizations, but everyone on your team feels the effects of productivity.

We believe the most successful businesses have optimistic leaders who:

  • Understand the value of time
  • Recognize people are their biggest advantage
  • Believe learning is a lifelong commitment
  • Know their involvement is critical to effect change

This allows you to build company-wide productivity improvements that last. Show up as a ready and willing participant, and we can show you a 10% increase in productivity, a happier team that works more effectively together, and a better bottom line. Our mission is to show corporate leaders how to create a “culture of productivity” that maximizes time, talent, and technology throughout your organization.

Leadership Team

Jan Lehman

Founder, CEO, and EOS Visionary

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Lynsey Peterson

EOS Integrator

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Lonni Olson

Business Manager

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