Standing desks are the latest trend in workplaces and home offices alike.  Not only can they be more ergonomically correct than your seated desk, but simply alternating between standing and sitting has health benefits, as well.  Before you get off your seat, consider these 4 logistical and organizational factors that may impact whether and what you purchase.

1.  Is the desk adjustable?  We all know that sitting all day is bad.  In fact, you may have heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”, coined by the Mayo clinic.  However, standing all day can have its problems, too.  Your safest option is a desk that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing quickly, without sacrificing productivity.

2.  Consider storage and organization.  Making the change can leave you with a lot of piles and files with no home, as an adjustable standing desk does not come with drawers or cabinets.  For help on how to get your office organized for top productivity, consider consulting a professional. We can help you determine which kind of drawers, cabinets and files you need to maximize your productivity and maintain organization.

3.  Do a safety and stability check.  Will your items be safe from falls when you adjust your desk?  Will you have to find a new location for that potted plant or for the decorative vase that holds your pens?  Be sure all of your cords remain in tact while adjusting, as well. Nothing drains productivity more than unplugging your computer in the middle of a project.

4. Overall Ergonomics.  Do you really need a standing desk? If you don’t spend all day at your desk, maybe you just need your monitor, keyboard or chair adjusted.  A standing desk can be a great benefit for those with back problems or circulation issues.  But, if you spend more time away from your desk than at it, it might not be worth the investment.

Once you make the decision to purchase, know what’s out there.  Here’s a great review on purchasing standing desks.  For more tips on how to stay organized and boost productivity, sign up for our monthly newsletter at CTC


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