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IFTTT – Your Small Business Productivity (and Sanity) Saver

What if you had a way to do more with the social media and web services you already use?

What if you could automate your business needs, become more productive, and do it for free?


This is where IFTTT comes in! IFTTT means If This Then That and empowers you to do more with the apps you love. IFTTT uses each automation process (called an “applet”) to help your business be more productive with the time you have available. For example, you can link your business Facebook page with your Twitter account so that anything you post onto one will automatically get posted to the other. This is useful if you use one service more than the other, but still want to be active on both.

If you’re business is a visual one, you might use IFTTT to link together Instagram and Twitter. For instance, you can create an applet to automatically post those gorgeous Instagram pictures directly onto Twitter or vice versa.

If your business features a blog, you could use IFTTT to easily share blog posts across any platform. Whether you use WordPress or Blogger, IFTTT can take the blog post and automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn. Sharing your content has never been easier!

There are many other applets that can help your small business excel in productivity. Here’s a few:

  • Log your working hours automatically by linking your phone’s location with a Google Drive spreadsheet.
  • If you star an email in Gmail, create an automatic reminder to take care of it.
  • Receive a mobile notification when you receive a high-priority email in Outlook 365.
  • Automatically mute your Android phone during times Google Calendar says you’re in a meeting.
  • Back up your MailChimp subscribers to a Google spreadsheet or add new Google contacts into MailChimp automatically.

It would be impossible to list the possibilities of IFTTT here. Basically, if you use a website or app to get your work done, there’s likely an applet to make that task faster and easier. Want to check out more ideas? Visit to view the millions of applet solutions that IFTTT users create each day. 

There are a million ways to make your business run more efficiently.  Contact us today and we will show you how!

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