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Get Organized in 6 Weeks – Week 5: Get Help

Week 5 – Get Help: When to Hire a Professional

Week 5 is a good check-in point.  Are you making progress on your organizational goals?  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Off to a good start, but not sure how to proceed or progress? Hiring a professional organizer might be the motivation and momentum you need to be successful in your organizing journey.


Throughout each path on your organizing adventure, you’re sure to stumble across some obstacles. If you find yourself stuck in any of these stages, it might be time to call in the experts.


The first step in getting organized is defining a clear reason why you want to make changes.  During Week 1, we explored the different types of clutter and the impacts of each. These include physical clutter, mental/emotional clutter and calendar clutter.  If you’re like most people, it’s likely that you experience a little bit (or a lot) of all three.

If you need help defining a clear and attainable goal, or if you’re stuck in a pile of any of the three types of clutter, it’s time to have a professional organizer help assess your needs and created a plan of attack.

Letting Go

If you know what you need to do, but you just can’t find the will to do it, you’re not alone.  Letting go of the things that no longer serve you is never an easy task.  Whether they are tangible items (physical clutter), toxic relationships and stressful situations (emotional/mental clutter) or excessive activities (calendar clutter), finding the courage and energy to let go can seem impossible.

A professional can help you on the surface (where to start with your piles), as well as in-depth (emotional attachment).  For more tips on letting go, revisit Week 2.

Dealing with Excess

I’m not going to lie.  Getting organized is hard work, and depending on the extent of your clutter, can be downright draining.  After all, the stuff has to go somewhere.  In Week 3, we talked about what to do with the stuff once you make a decision to part ways.  You really have three options: trash, donate and recycle.  Not sure which one makes sense for your outdated lampshades or mismatched linens?  We can help you with that!  Our organizers not only take some of the hard work out of your hands, but they are trained to know what you can trash and what you can’t, as well as to help you find the best donation centers for your oldies but goodies.

Creating Systems

As discussed last week, this is the meat and potatoes of getting and staying organized.  You must have systems. Systems of organization don’t just include decorative bins and closet shelving, but also changing behaviors and habits that led to your clutter in the first place.  This is where seeking help can be a pivotal point in your journey.  An expert can help you establish the right systems that work for you, your people (kids, pets, spouses, etc.) and your unique space.

We hope you’re making grand progress in your journey to live a more organized life.  At any point in the process, when you’re feeling stuck, lost or overwhelmed, remember why you started in the first place.  Aside from the tripping over piles and the stress of your busyness, getting rid of the excess will leave you with more space in your life for the people and activities that bring you joy.

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