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CTC Productivity: Increase Employee Engagement While Improving Productivity

Who We Are

CTC Productivity is a professional business organizing and productivity consulting company founded, owned and operated by Jan Lehman.  Jan has over 17 years of corporate consulting experience.  CTC Productivity and its sister company, Can the Clutter (residential organizing), service the Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota, and the Eugene/Springfield area in Oregon.  

Jan Lehman, Founder and Owner of CTC Productivity

Jan Lehman, Founder and Owner of CTC Productivity

What We Do

Our mission at CTC Productivity is to work with your business to identify key issues and propose changes to improve personal and team productivity.  We help your employees work smarter to reduce overhead costs and free up resources to work on more strategic, revenue-generating activities.  Our focus on Employee Engagement can help your business increase Employee Loyalty.  Some of our specialties include:

  • Time Management and Task Management
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Filing Systems and Space Management
  • Workflow
  • Information Management (paper and electronic)
  • Inter-Team Communication and Coordination
  • Engaging High Potential Employees
  • Talent Management

How We Do It

Employee Engagement is a major component of job satisfaction.  Happy employees are more efficient and productive.  We drive Employee Engagement in three main ways:

  1. Personal Organization: We help your employees become more personally organized in their individual job roles and with their specific tasks or projects.
  2. Process Improvement: This includes identifying gaps in workflow, updating manual processes, eliminating redundancy, and working to change the mindset and behaviors that may be limiting your success.
  3. Work-life Balance: We can work with your employees to become more organized at home, reducing stress and resulting in higher productivity at work.

Contact Us

At CTC Productivity, our goal is to make lasting change.  From a business organizing perspective, we facilitate both the physical and mental changes needed to increase productivity and maintain long term success.  For more information about our services, or to request a consultation, click here.  We look forward to watching your business succeed.  




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