"I wholeheartedly recommend Jan to any team looking to elevate their productivity and efficiency. Jan's expertise has been transformative."
—  Jason O’Dell | Vice President Security Operations, Walmart
"Jan facilitated an engaging discussion with our sales leadership team. Each person came away with committed actions to make their work life better."
—  Matt Steele | Vice President at Fortune 50 Company
"Jan has provided us with practical, valuable advice. Working with CTC Productivity has increased my firm's overall efficiency by at least 30%. Money and time well spent!"
—  Douglas Brown | Brown & Carlson
"Our team walked away with many action items to save us time: more efficient use of emails, more effective meetings, and increased focus time through time management best practices."
—  Wendi Breuer | SeaChange
"During a CEO peer group session, a member told us how just one tip Jan suggested could positively impact the way his entire company operated.  He said, 'That right there is a multi-million dollar idea.'"
—  Tom McDougall | High Point Networks
"Jan is great at listening, sorting out the problems and providing practical advice with follow-up steps. I found her coaching to be a great way to boost my personal effectiveness and that of our team."
—  Jim Schowalter | MN Council of Health Plans
"Jan has a talent for quickly identifying strengths, weaknesses and realistic areas for improvement." (featured in the Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Minnesota Business magazine for Women Who Lead nomination)
—  Michael Opack | Heacox, Hartman, Koshmrl, Cosgriff, & Johnson P.A.
“As a Keynote at our 2022 Convention, Jan was a hit. Her stage presence was high-energy and professional, and her presentation was on-point. In addition, she was exceptionally easy and positive to work with. I would highly recommend her!”
—  Margaret Pennock | Director Of Workforce Development at AGC of South Dakota

What’s wasting your time?

As a leader, time is your ultimate resource. But, you’re stuck cycling through busywork. Juggling endless emails.

You’re the first to arrive each morning and the last one to leave at night, but you reach the end of a long workday without checking off any meaningful tasks. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Work Smart, Do More

The key to getting more hours back in your day is to work smarter. Because how you work is just as important as why you work. We help you and your organization improve the “how.”

We do this through:

Case Studies

Be a more effective leader. Work with our team.

Truly effective, efficient, and extraordinary leaders lead by example. We’ve been working with corporate leaders and their organizations for over 20 years. In that time, we pinpointed the three most common variables that stand in the way of organizations achieving their full potential:

  1. Technology is severely underutilized or misused
  2. Leaders make incorrect assumptions about employee needs, issues, and work styles
  3. Leadership is unaware of the amount of time wasted

CTC Productivity blends behavioral strategy with technology solutions

to create systems that are easy to implement and flexible to fit individual styles. Not only will you see a significant increase in productivity, but your team will be happier and more engaged.